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IBOBI(爱波比)国际幼儿园(现更名为鲸湾幼儿园),深圳,中国 VMDPE版权所有

IBOBI International Kindergarten,Shenzhen, China


Creation of a Child-Scaled Growing Space for Montessori Children 


爱波比国际幼儿园(IBOBI International Kindergarten)位于深圳蛇口鲸山别墅区内,是深圳华侨及外国人的住宅区, 在这里很多家庭都急迫的需要一个更符合他们需求的教育机构。圆道设计团队接手了本次项目,为IBOBI教育团队打造专 业教育空间。

Project Background

IBOBI International Kindergarten is located inside the Jingshan Villa, a high-end property development in the Shekou Area of Shenzhen City. As a residential area for overseas Chinese and expats in Shenzhen, local families urgently require educational institutions according to their needs. Entrusted with the project, VMDPE Design has created a professional educational space for the IBOBI Educational Team.



IBOBI(爱波比)的空间设计遵循了蒙特梭利(Montessori)教育理念,即—尊重儿童的天性,从自主行为,兴趣中完 成学习。圆道设计相信儿童会本能的积极与外界环境相互作用,成人要做的事是观察他们的需求及协助,并提供适合的 外部环境。圆道设计深刻理解并迎合IBOBI(爱波比)的品牌诉求,在设计中使用了“隐性管理”设计理念,让管理从让 教师紧张的“人为”变为“环境所为”,让孩子们可以在空间中作为主导,教师更安心的进行教育工作而不是教育管理。

Brand Understanding

The spatial design for IBOBI follows the Montessori educational approach, that is to say, respect for children’s nature and learning in consonance with their own characteristics, innate talents and interests. VMDPE Design firmly believes that children will instinctively and eagerly interact with their surroundings, while adults need only to observe and assist their needs, as well as to provide them with thoughtfully prepared environments. VMDPE Design deeply understands and caters to IBOBI’s appeal as a brand. The concept of “hidden management” was used in the design of the project, transforming the “human-made” management that often makes teachers anxious into an “environmental-made” approach that allows children to take the leading role in this space, while teachers can feel more at ease conducting educational work rather than managing education.

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整个建筑根据儿童的尺度进行了整体改造,不论是楼梯,扶手,门,窗等对应儿童的尺度使儿童在内达到安全无障碍。 对于室内地面的处理上上,部分位置选择了柔软度能够锻炼小孩平衡力的地胶,幼儿园内还有些小斜坡的设计,意在让 小孩活动时身体感统得到全面的发展。

“Child-Scaled” Design Highlights

The entire building has been child-scaled, whether it is stairs, handrails, doors, windows, etc., everything has been scaled to fulfill children’s needs, to make them feel safe and restraint-free. Soft rubber floors have been installed on selected indoor locations to allow children to exercise their sense of balance. There are also a few small slopes inside the kindergarten that allow the children’s sensory integration to develop comprehensively while they are active.

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本案设计皆在为孩子打造更自然,充满温暖的成长环境。圆道设计认为这种环境对儿童成长至关重要,幼儿园并不是游 乐园,也不是学校,而是孩子们的生活的地方、一个让孩子们充满兴趣和活力的大环境,让儿童在不抗拒和不害怕的环 境里,解放自己的天性,培养自我意识及兴趣,为接下来的人生做好准备。 建筑立面的重新分割使该项目内部带来不同的视野,从而使整个建筑变得更为开放。 铝,防腐木,白玻等材料的使用与 室内装饰材料相呼应。除此之外,该设计手法消除了封闭的感觉,同时更符合儿童的视线高度,并引入更多远处的风景 和视野,使儿童,教师甚至附近街区的居民都能享受其中。

Architectural Performance

The present design creates a more natural, full of warmth, growing environment for children. VMDPE Design considers such an environment to be essential for children’s development, as a kindergarten is not an amusement park, nor it is a school, but a place where children live, a great environment that keeps them deeply interested and full of vitality, a space where they don’t resist and don’t feel afraid, allowing the liberation of their own nature and cultivation of self-awareness and interests, to prepare them for the rest of their lives.

The repartition of the façade makes the entire structure even more open and allows different views from the interior of the building. Aluminum, preservative-treated wood, white glass, among other materials, match with the interior decoration. Even more, this design method eliminates the feeling of being enclosed. At the same time, it is consistent with the eye level of children and presents more distant landscapes and views, to a degree that children, teachers and even neighbors are able to enjoy it.

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该项目旨在将原本老旧过时的楼体改造成节能、宽敞的当代教育空间。空间中圆道设计根据课程设置了美术室,音乐戏 剧室,投影互动室,及图书馆,户外更设立了供孩子们动手的植物种植区及各类运动场所。圆道设计对整个楼梯进行了从安全到美化的整体改造。 虽然该建筑的体量有限,在能突显出空间感并满足功能的同时,圆道设计在设计的过程中对尺度的规划做了大量研究, 比如:大角度倾斜的墙面,一方面“偷”出了空间,另一方面又制造了非常简洁却有趣的空间体验。另外在多个空间之间使用了玻璃的元素,在有效加强空间感的同时,对于儿童与家长,儿童与老师之间的观察和互动性也变得更容易。而简单不规则的线条,以及大量木材在内部空间的使用,让整体空间营造出温暖,安全的氛围感受。材料主要考虑深圳的 天气返潮等特点,及易于打理和安全性,使用了纹理相同但材质不同的6种不同的材料,保证了适应各类实际情况的同时又达到了简洁统一的美感。

Indoors Section

The project aims to transform an old and outdated building into a contemporary educational space, ample and with energy-saving features. Here, VMDPE Design set up an art room, a music theatre room, an interactive projection room and a library. Outside there is a garden area for children to engage in planting activities and various types of sports venues. Furthermore, VMDPE Design transformed the entire staircase to be perfectly safe and aesthetic at the same time.Despite space limitations, VMDPE Design imbued a vast spatial sense into the building and provided it with efficient functionality. At the same time, extensive research on scale planning was made during the design process. For example, large angled walls on the one hand “steal” space, and on the other hand create a very simple but fun spatial experience. Glass elements are used between multiple areas, effectively enhancing the sense of space and facilitating observation and interaction between children and teachers, as well as children and parents. Simple and irregular lines, combined with large amounts of wood used in the interior, provide a warm and safe atmosphere. Considering the peculiarities of Shenzhen’s damp weather, six different kinds of materials were selected for the project, all safe and easy to handle, with a uniform texture that adapts to a plethora of actual conditions, achieving a simple and unified charm.

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圆道设计希望打造一个可以自由探索,尊重儿童成长步调,以儿童为中心,去除以成人为本位的环境。圆道希望提供一 些儿童可以长期停留的空间或角落,不希望儿童始终在一种兴奋的状态,而是有动有静,有社交有独处。另外在每个空 间窗户的使用都进行了反复的研究,希望阳光能透入到室内的特定位置,也希望儿童能观察到不同的天气以及景色在四 季之间的变化。


At VMDPE Design, we aim to create a space where children feel free to explore and develop at their own pace, where they are always at the center, away from adult-oriented environments. We want to provide a corner of the world where children can stay for a long time without constant stimulation, but rather under a natural environment with dynamic and calm moments, where they can be social or feel independent at will. As a final touch, we carefully studied every window to allow sunlight into specific corners of the building, so that children can watch weather changes and the beautiful scenery gifted by the course of the four seasons.






主持设计师: 程枫祺

设计团队: 周婵,贾梦灿

项目类型 : 建筑外立面改造与室内设计,灯光设计,部分道具设计。

建筑结构 : 框架结构

设计开始时间:2015.10 设计结束时间:2015.12

施工开始时间:2016.02 施工结束时间:2016.06

场地面积:320m² 建筑面积:630m² 室内面积:930m²



灯光:Philips 地胶:LG 墙面漆:buoncolor

Project Information

Project name: IBOBI International Kindergarten

Project location: Jingshan Villa, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Design company: VMDPE Design

Main designer: Vinci Chan

Design team: Sim Chow, Echo Jia

Project type: Building facade renovation and interior design, lighting design, partial decoration design.

Building structure: Frame structure

Design start date: October 2015; Design end date: December 2015 

Construction start date: February 2016 ;Construction end date: June 2016

Site area: 320m² Building area: 630m² Indoor area: 930m²

Photography: Kevin Ho, VMDPE Design

Building materials and manufacturers information

Lights: Philips  Rubber mats: LG  Wall paint: buoncolor